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Public Integrity Commission

Administering and implementing Delaware's code of conduct for the executive branch.

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Ethics Bulletins

As the Commission detects a need for agencies to be alerted to or reminded of different issues that arise, it issues Ethics Bulletins on the topics pursuant to its authority to provide assistance to State agencies, employees and officials in administering the provisions of the law and its authority to prepare and publish guides explaining […]

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Commission Rules

Public Integrity Commission Rules – PDF  

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Annual Reports


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Financial Disclosure Opinion Synopses

Filing – Who and How 1995-2016 Gifts, Reimbursements & Scholarships 1995-2016 Reporting Legal and Equitable Ownership 1995-2016 When Reports are Due – Current Rules  

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Lobbying Opinion Synopses

Contingency Compensation 1996-2016 Employer Authorization 1996-2016 Exemptions From Lobbyist Registration 1996-2016 Expenditure Reporting 1996-2016 Violations Penalties 1996-2016 What Is Lobbying 1996-2016

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Code of Conduct Opinion Synopsis

1991-2016 Contracting With The State 1991-2016 Jurisdiction  & Procedure 1991-2016 Local Codes of Conduct 1991-2016 Outside Employment 1991-2016 Things of Monetary Value 1991-2016 Personal or Private Interest 1991-2016 Post Employment

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Contact Us By Phone: Deborah J. Moreau, Esq. – (302) 739-2399 Contact Us by Email: FOIA Coordinator – Office Locations

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Chapter 58 – Laws Regulating The Conduct Of Officers And Employees Of The State Code of Conduct – Ethical standards for all State Executive Branch employees (rank and file), officers (Senior level & Elected officials) and honorary State officials (appointees to State Boards & Commissions).  The standards apply to all local governments unless they adopt […]

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About the Agency

The State Public Integrity Commission administers and implements Delaware’s ethics law (Code of Conduct) for the Executive Branch; its financial disclosure law for all three branches; and its lobbyists’ registration and expense reporting laws. To aid those subject to the law in complying, the Commission issues advisory opinions on a case by case basis; publishes […]

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