As the Commission detects a need for agencies to be alerted to or reminded of different issues that arise, it issues Ethics Bulletins on the topics pursuant to its authority to provide assistance to State agencies, employees and officials in administering the provisions of the law and its authority to prepare and publish guides explaining the duties of individuals covered by the law.

To date, the Commission has issued ten (10) ethics bulletins dealing with the following subjects:

Ethics Bulletin 001 - Nepotism

Ethics Bulletin 002 - Payment of Expenses By Sources Other than the State

Ethics Bulletin 003 - Public Notice and Bidding Requirements When State Employee Seeks State Contract

Ethics Bulletin 004 - Accepting Gifts - Code of Conduct and Procurement Law

Ethics Bulletin 005 - Accepting Gifts - Changes to Procurement Law

Ethics Bulletin 006 - Application of Code of Conduct and Financial Disclosure Laws to Appointees to Boards and Commissions

Ethics Bulletin 007 - Post-Employment: Former Employees and Casual/Seasonal

Ethics Bulletin 008 - Application of Code of Conduct Gift Provision and Financial Disclosure Laws to the Executive Branch

Ethics Bulletin 009 - Dual Positions in Government - "Double Dipping" H.B. 88, signed into law on 4/1/03 applies to Profressional Standards Board members

Ethics Bulletin 010 - Gift Reporting - Public Officers and Lobbyists

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