The following links may interest lobbyists.

H.R. 3: House Rules 54 and 56 apply to lobbyists. Administered by the House of Representatives. – PDF  | HTML

H.B. 302: Grant in Aid Legislation. Prohibits using grant funds to hire lobbyists. – PDF | HTML

Campaign Finance: Campaign Contributions under Delaware Code, Title 15 Chapter 80 are specifically excluded from being reported as expenditures in the Lobbying Expense Report. Administered by the Department of Elections. Link to the Elections Department and the Delaware Code on Line, Title 15, Chapter 80. – Elections | Delaware Code on Line

Campaign Finance: Delaware Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct (DLRPC) restrict lawyer’s campaign contributions under certain circumstances. Link to DLRPC Rules and search for Rule 7.6. These rules became effective July 1, 2003, and are current as of that date. – DLRPC

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